Romancing Remy, Aunty of OFW's

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Read this as an historical novel, not as a mystery or suspense thriller. It is based on true stories although names and places have been changed except where the individual has given permission. On the last page is a list of the people who told me their stories to whom I am deeply indebted. A novel is a creation based on the author's knowledge, experience and imagination and this usually leaves the reader wondering which is what! It is difficult to describe the immense contribution overseas Philippines workers are making to the benefit of the world. This novel is restricted to the OFW - Overseas Filipina Workers, the women, although among the Filipino (men) there is another range of issues that could be addressed. Facts and figures will not be up to date - remember this is a novel!

About the Author Maurice Harvey

Maurice Harvey is an award-winning photographer and author who has visited and worked in 157 countries. His first hand knowledge of the world is reflected in this novel that will appeal to practically every family who has connections with Overseas Foreign Workers. His knowledge and respect for the Philippine people will endear him to all who read this fascinating and realistic. Maurice, with Lorraine his wife of 52 years, has retired to New Zealand. Together with his family, Maurice had lived in eight countries during his working life.

  • ISBN: 978-971-574-199-6
  • Author: Maurice Harvey
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Publisher: Katha Publishing Co., Inc.
  • Pages: 234
  • Paper Stock: Book Paper
  • Origin: Home, Fiction, Katha
  • Weight (kg.): 0.9
  • type: TRADE P/B


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