Glimpses of Heaven Lessons on Faith and Hope, Love and Joy

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A diaconal minister, author, and creative artist, Roela Victoria Rivera became legally blind in 2004, two years after she had severe illness that left her in a coma for three days and led her to a near-death experience (NDE) which blessed her to see the glory and beauty of heaven. While undergoing eight eye surgeries over a period of eight years, she felt her faith and trust fading away for awhile. However, her deep faith in GOD and fervent prayers have strengthened her belief that GOD has never left her side and is leading her each day with a new meaningful plan and purpose for her new life. GOD has blessed Roela to see glimpses of heaven at three points in her life: when she was ten years old, at age eighteen, and in mid-life which guided her with wisdom and strength, courage and creative power to write this inspirational book with divine guidance from GOD, holy light from Jesus, and inspiration from the Holy Spirit. She will help you see glimpses of heaven in many different ways in everyday life. She also wishes to share her creative artworks and the great Lessons of Life she learned from her heavenly visions and from the Scripture. She continues her ministry for GOD’s glory through her Grace Notes Creative Ministry and inspirational items she designs to share GOD’s Words of love and grace.

Roela’s physical and spiritual journey is an inspiration to everyone who reads about it in this book. We hope you find it so.

About the Author - Roela Victoria-Rivera

Roela Victoria- Rivera is a child of God blessed to be an educator, writer and creative artist. She is a United Methodist diaconal minister serving in Tennessee and other places where God leads her to do mission and ministry. As a legally blind woman of faith, Roela shares her witness and testimony to God’s amazing healing and loving grace. In 2002, she almost lost her life in a near-death experience where she saw the grandeur and beauty of heaven. This eventually led to her spiritual transformation and compelled her to write this inspirational book, Glimpses of heaven: Lessons on Love and Hope, Love and Joy. Through their GraceNotes Creative Ministry, Roela travels with her husband Jun to several places, even with her vision challenge. They try to share God’s words of love and hope to bring joy and inspiration to many people. Roela is also an author and editor of several books published in the Philippines and in the United States. Prior to her vision challenge, Roela served as Director of Studies at Scaritt-Bennett Center and as board of director of the General Commission of the United Methodist Communications in Nashville, Tennessee; and as Person-in-Mission in the Philippines. Roela holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Drew University Theological School in New Jersey and Master of Arts in Religion and Arts from Pacific School of Religion in California. She also has Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Education degrees and graduated Summa cum laude from the University of the East in Manila. Roela also graduated Valedictorian in High School in Bulacan College of Arts and Trades, now Bulacan State University in Malolos. In Tennessee, Roela has been blessed and deeply grateful to God for her loving, caring and supportive family with husband Jun and their three fine sons - Paul Christian, paul John, and Norman Vincent Paul; daughters-in-law Melissa Lyn and Bridgett Evonne, and grandchildren --- Elijah Christian, Lucy Evonne, Jaymier Lylle, and Jayred Lloyd to all whom this book is loving dedicated.

  • ISBN: 978-971-574-196-5
  • Author: Roela Victoria-Rivera
  • Cover: paperback
  • Copyright: 2014
  • Publisher: Katha Publishing Co., Inc.
  • Pages: 254
  • Paper Stock: Book Paper


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