Histophatologic Techniques, c2006

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Chapter 1: Risk Management and Safety in the Laboratory
Chapter 2: Fresh Tissue Examination
Chapter 3: Fixation
Chapter 4: Decalcification
Chapter 5: Dehydration
Chapter 6: Clearing
Chapter 7: Impregnation and Embedding
Chapter8: Microtomy
Chapter 9: Paraffin Sections
Chapter 10: Frozen Sections
Chapter 11: Principles of Staining
Chapter 12: Stains and Staining Solutions
Chapter 13: Adhesives and Mounting Media
Chapter 14: Staining of Carbohydrates
Chapter 15: Staining of Fats or Lipids
Chapter 16: Staining of Proteins, Enzymes and Nucleic Acids
Chapter 17: Staining of Connective Tissue
Chapter 18: Staining of Muscle and Bone
Chapter 19: Staining of Bone Marrow and Blood Elements
Chapter 20: Staining of Central Nervous Tissue
Chapter 21: Staining of Tissue Pigments and Deposits
Chapter 22: Staining of Microorganisms
Chapter 23: Immunohistochemical Techniques
Chapter 24: Diagnostic Cytology
Chapter 25: Rapid Tissue Processing

  • ISBN: 971-12-0270-8
  • Author: Jocelyn H. Bruce-Gregorios, M.D.
  • Cover: paperback
  • Copyright: 2006
  • Publisher: Goodwill Trading Co., Inc.
  • Paper Stock: newsprint


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